Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wakin' up Wednesday!

Good Morning!!

How are you this morning?

This week is so crazy and I'm kinda enjoying it but I'm sure it would get old fast.  My boys day care is out for this week, so I'm enjoying having them and not having to wake up and rush out the door to get to "school" and then off to work.  (but I'm not looking forward to next week when they want to stay with mommy). . . my heart is breaking already.

My hubby is a police officer and is currently on night shift and it's been rough.  (I am completely spoiled about him helping me, when he can, but when he's on night shift - um, its nada.) I am seriously praying for a new position within his department, to open that will be M-F, day shift.  - God says he cares about our requests!! (thank you Lord!)

So the boys are watching cartoons this morning and I have weighed, cleaned up the kitchen (from last night) - a bit of a pet peeve of mine. . . Eric eats at night after I go to bed and I hate waking up to a dirty kitchen! And you know he has to use every dish . . . sigh. . . but - no worries, I got his back.  

Where was I? Oh yeah, - I have weighed, cleaned the kitchen and have eaten some yummy oatmeal.

What? You wanna know how my weight did. . . well - even after one day I'm pleased to say I have dropped 2 lbs.  I'm sure it's water weight, but I don't care - it's in the right direction!!! Who woulda thought I would be excited about 195 but I am. . . it's one step closer!! (Thank you Jesus for weight loss!) And again - I am determined to eat well and kick some calories off!

I have praise practice tonight and a women's group that I will be attending tonight so I always look forwards to Wednesdays.  I have joined the Praise Team at our Church and it is such a delight - truly - to be on the team.  What awesome peeps to sing with and praise our King!!

I do have a quick prayer request:
I have a sweet, wonderful friend that is going through a wonderful but intense, year long program called Mission Messiah to claim victory over her life and battles with Jesus!  She has been there three weeks (working on 4, I think) and I just love her so much and want to do everything I can to support her and love on her! If you have some extra time - please be in prayer for her.  - I am grateful for your thoughts and prayers for her!!

In other news - Our life group (small groups from church) had 7 be baptized last night!! AWESOME!! I'm sad that I wasn't able to make it and rejoice with my sweet life group family but I'm in celebration just the same.  Can't you imagine the angels rejoicing, in celebration, over their act of faithfulness in being baptized?  AH-MAZING!

Okay, peeps.  I'm gonna get up and get these crazy boys dressed and head over to my mom's to swim.

See ya'll later!!

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