Friday, September 3, 2010

Life Group Tonight

Hi Friends!

I write to you tonight listening to Eric's light snoring and George Lopez on the t.v.   I decided to jump on here and tell you . . . .well, it's just amazing how God can really work within your life and marriage without major significant changes but looking back (even a few days or weeks) and see the affects of God's hands shaping and molding in your life. 

In the past few weeks, I have really felt God stirring in my heart.  I have been so . . . complacent.  Not with just my everyday life but with my walk with God too.  I didn't even realize it.  I was just . . there.  I continued to pray, catch church with my family when it was convienent (which was a hit and miss having to prepared not just myself but my two boys and husband too!) and just live my life. 

But deep in my heart was a stirring. . . . . a hunger. I tried to quiet that still small voice. 
I whispered back emphatically . . . "Who in the world wants to change life up right now!! I am working full time, a mother of two small children under the age of 2 and a wife with lots of daily life demands! I don't want to add anymore to my plate God" . . .

It didn't go away.  (really!?!)

So, I went to Eric.  I explained that I needed us to go to church as a family.  I had given up my position on a praise team in my families church to go to church with Eric and the boys.  We had agreed on finding a church together as a family, where we both felt comfortable.  But, I succumbed to laziness and enjoyed the feel of my sheets and pillow instead of the hassles of fighting my boys to get properly dressed and finding everyones shoes to walk out the door to go to church.  (It never fails, there is almost always a missing shoe that Eric and I are looking for *usually for the boys - can't seem to find and it leads to us fussing as we finally find it and RUN out the door, fighting mad at each other)

Eric and I both agreed that we needed to go to church.  We both felt strongly about raising the boys in church and giving them a foundation in the Word.  (as well as a foundation for us too).

So, after visiting a few churches and talking to several friends, we went to the first, original church that Eric wanted to go to. . . (gotta give that boy props). 

We LOVED it!! The kids went to class and Eric and I held hands through the service and truly felt at home.  When we picked up the boys from class, the teachers told us about the boys danced during Praise and Worship (Jake is a dance machine!!) and they didn't cry for me at all! (a small miracle for a NEW place)

On our second Sunday there, we ran into so many familiar faces that we just felt so much love and joy to be apart of such a wonderful, loving church home.  We are facsinated by the sermons and it keeps both of our attention spans! Typically, one likes the music and one likes the preaching but we both liked both parts of the service. . . Praise the Lord!!

As we walked out of the service - we saw some friends of ours, Phillip and Jenna Knight, who has invited us to their life group a few times before.  Well, once again they invited us to their group and Eric accepted. (I was so excited! Eric doesn't typically agree to anything "church related" and for him to take even a small step in being our spiritual leader was exciting for me.)

. . . . to make a long story, a tiny bit shorter . . . . tonight was our second Life Group meeting and I am just so blessed and encouraged.  We meet twice a month and just within these two meetings, I'm starting to see small, maybe even tiny, changes in Eric and in our marriage. 

Eric doesn't typically pray in public but within the last month he has prayed publically several times!! AND As much as I would like to say that we pray together every single morning before work, we don't (but most days this past month, we have).  If we miss our prayers together because of the morning rush then we have stopped throughout the day and called one another and have prayed together as a couple.  Do you know what that means to me and how much I love being in Gods presence and talking to him, holding my husbands hand?  Joining together as one to praise, love and thank God for his grace and salvation.  priceless. 

So, tonight, I write in gratitude - to God.  Thank you Lord for the small but GREAT changes in our family life.  Thank you Holy Spirit for continually wrapping around my family and protecting our hearts.  Thank you Father for continuing a good work in us.  I  praise you for your love and grace, Lord.  For weaving your promises, forgiveness, love, grace, and salvation in our hearts and daily lives to make us new creations for Your Kingdom.  Please, Father, help us stay on Your path and be obediant to you. 
I ask and pray these things, In Jesus' name,
. . . . oh and God, thank you for the victories.  I give you all the praise and glory.  Your word triumphs and defeats satan every time, which is so very important in spiritual warfare.  God you are awesome! You win and the devil is a loser and a liar!! I praise you, Lord in gratitude and love. . .in jesus' name.  amen.

*Once I start praying, it's hard to stop!  I get going and just continually talk and think of more and more to say. . . *

You rock, Jesus!!Pin It