Monday, December 7, 2009

The Big Serve . . . Give Back

Hi there,

How's it going today?  Well I started my day bright and early this morning. . well, dark and foggy but you get the point.  I went to the 5:30 am Body Pump class!  I must say that I HATE getting up so early to work out but absolutely love that I already have an hour of work out in by the time most are getting up.  :-) That makes me happy.  I feel like I am already so much ahead and it's my own little secret as I drive back home to wake my boys and start getting them ready for the day.

Anyway, I am wanting to share my day that I had yesterday with you.  I participated in "The Big Serve" with the friends and families of Sewell Ford (both of my in-laws work there) and there were 7 or 8 outreach missions that we as a whole took on.  I participated in 2 of the 7 I believe.  Everyone volunteered for 1 but if you got done early or whatever, then you would go help others until each job was done. 

I was on the Team that went to the Nursing Homes and delivered poinsettias and sang Christmas Carols. We had an AWESOME time!! I definately got more out of this than I could have ever given . . . I was so blessed by this.

When we finished up at the Nursing Homes, we had some time before we were all supposed to meet back up and eat, etc. So Kaleigh (my sister in law) and I went over to the Crisis Center - a home that takes in women and children. . . like wives or mothers that run away from their husbands that beat them and leave in the middle of the night with NOTHING.  We sorted the donations . . . They really need help.  So if you are able and in the West Texas Area - donate your time and energy to the Crisis Center.  Wow.  Talk about BLESSED.

Anyway - I gotta get to work and I truly apologize for the jerky way this post is because I'm at work and continue to be interrupted.  Next time I will try to be much smoother.

Love to you,
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Let it Snow!!

Wow! First, I want to take a quick moment and say that I have thought about posting at random times, like at midnight feedings, driving to town for various errands, etc but actually getting here and doing it has been another story altogether. . . but I've thought about it (goofy grin) does that count?!?

Well - Life has fast and furiously RACED by and now Jake is 18 months and Jaxson is 7 months!  Can you believe it!?! Me either!! hahhahaha It's been a lot of fun with tons of spit up, dirty diapers and a sleepy mommy folding lots of laundry after work and then jumping down in the floor and playing with my two sweet, happy, smiley little boys.  :-) They are soooo much fun!! They smile and laugh or make "boy" noises ALL THE TIME! It's so funny! and what's even funnier is that when Jake makes noises (can you tell he's exploring noises and crashes and. . . (whisper) farting!) He laughs so hard.  One of those belly laughs that you can't help but laugh too even though I try so hard to keep a stern face and give him that "stern, bored motherly" look but I haven't quite mastered that.  hahaha.

Oh! and. . .Jaxson is crawling!! Can you believe it?!?  I was SO not ready for two little mobile grub monsters!! They make such a mess! AARRRHHH. (owell!) Jaxson has started crawling WAY earlier than Jake did. . .Jake didn't crawl until the week of Christmas last year, but my Jaxson started seriously crawling last week.  He's been working at it for awhile and doing what I call the "inch worm" and rolling to whereever he has wanted to go, but it's official! He is seriously crawling.  Yikes! :-) (I'm not a proud mommy at all!)

Ummm. . . Eric and I have lost our ever-loving minds and have stepped out in Faith and have opened our own store, The Brand - in Midland.  I know, I know, I know - we are nuts! But, truly it has been lots of fun and lots of worry!! :-) Please keep that little. . . who am I kidding. . . that freakin' HUGE endeavor in your prayers.  For a worry wart like myself. . .I find myself in prayer A LOT! (and when you read "alot" I said it like on dumb and dumber. . . Wide mouthed seriousness of ALOT!) hahaha sorry, I'm so silly but that just helps me emphasize what I'm wanting to get across. hahahaha

See, The Brand is already a blessing. . . God and I are pretty close these days with all the talking and just random visits that I drop in on him.  I thought I was a pretty strong prayer warrior before but now that I've had babies and have opened our own business, sheesh, I pray my old self under the table now! You can go see some pictures from The Brand on my facebook page or on my husband, Eric Bartlett's page.

Honestly - that's all that's going on.  Work, My Boys, and The Brand. . there's not much time for anything else.  Ohhhhh - Jake started "school" or "educational day care" this week and I think it's been harder on me than it has been on him!  The first day. . ugh.  Second day. . he wanted to stay and play but he didn't want me to leave. . the third and fourth day . . BYE! hehehe My little stinker!

I hear Mr. Jaxson in there about to let me know that he's ready to eat so I gotta run for now but I will jump back on later and post some pictures!

I love you all!
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