Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Living Water on My Worship Walk (Warning: Long Post!)

Have you ever felt the need to just "be still"?

It is one of the hardest things for me to do, in almost all ways possible.  I am constantly on the move. . . I am dancing fidgeting usually to some tune in my head or my brain is making lists, solving problems or  even solving problems that may or "more times" may not happen.  But on the "What if" scenario's. . I'm covered right?!?

Anyway, today I felt like I was moving and thinking in super sonic speed and really needed to "be still".  In the sense that I mean is, I was craving to "get with God".  This may sound totally weird, especially if you are not a Christian.  I am in a new season that I have never been in before. . . or at least didn't "feel" like this.  (I'm a woman. . how I "feel" is important.) In this season, I'm thirsty.

I have been a Christian a long time.  In fact, almost my whole life.  I was raised in the church and am a granddaughter to pastors.  My family never really introduced Christ or prayer or anything of that nature to me because. . . I was born into it - I was never formally introduced.  In fact, at 6 years old I was in Sunday School and walked up to the front and told them all about Christ and even memorized scripture that came pretty much second nature to me then informed the teacher that I didn't ever remember "formally" asking Jesus into my heart and feared that I've always known him but I wanted to be "saved" for sure.   The Sunday School teacher led me through a sweet prayer of asking Jesus to forgive me of my sins and to live in my heart.  I was so excited. . . until my mom came to pick me up.

My Sunday School teacher, Marybeth told my mom about my new salvation and my mom started laughing hysterically.  . . . My 6 year old brain didn't understand.  I marched over there in my beautiful "can-can" (you know with all the ruffles underneath the skirt that all little girls love to twirl in!) dress and asked what in the world was so funny. (I'm positive with my hands on my hips with my hip cocked. . . I get it from my mom, in fact).  She told me that I have been saved for a long time and that I have asked Jesus into my heart many times before. . . huh? I didn't remember that . . . but for me - that was my "salvation" moment.  (and my mother laughed. . . . that laughter would come back to haunt her in about 10 years but that's another story for another day)

So needless to say, I've been a Christian a long time.  I have definitely walked through seasons in my life, some so sweet that they were almost heavenly and some of sheer rebellion and complete selfishness & sin on my part.  I have always grown and kept walking, usually at a quick pace.

In this new season I'm in, I crave quality time with God.  I'm so thirsty!! I've always had little "snippets" of time of whatever I have carved out but today. . . I made time.  I took the time to weigh out what I wanted.  I could have walked in from work and sat down to read (favorite pastime) or I could grab my shoes and just walk and pray.

I grabbed my shoes and decided to go walk.

I was sore from CrossFit (I just started and am incredibly sore) and felt like I could walk, pray/worship with just me & God. (with the added bonus of getting some soreness out)

Have y'all heard of spotify? It's awesome and I love it - I cranked up some worship music and started singing in my raspy, laryngitis voice (that sprang on me after singing in church yesterday).  It was not a pretty sound by any stretch of the imagination but I think it was some of my most genuine singing and time with the Lord.  I didn't care if I hit my notes just right or sang too loud. . I just wanted to express how I felt. Singing is my "thing". . I love to sing and it's sometimes the best way for me to convey how I feel.

I thought, prayed, and sung my little heart out.

And somewhere along the way, in my tired, slow & sore walk . . . the Lord refilled my cup.

It's crazy how that happens! Every time I'm tired but go ahead and go against my flesh of self satisfaction to focus on God and spend time with Him - alone time or bible study time or whatever - I always feel renewed & restored.  I'm so thankful for it.

Shared with me at church by Lane Oliver & Adrian Hernandez:
Remember the Samaritan woman at the well?  Jesus went to her - a scorned, unmarried Samaritan. . . Jew's hated Samaritan's back in those days.  In fact, Jews wouldn't even walk on Samaritan sand. . . they would bypass the town to avoid Samaritans.  Why? Because they were considered to be "half breeds".  There were lots of battles and wars and Samaritans came by the mixing of villages/peoples. (another history lesson on this later but seriously interesting & I enjoy history!)

Anyway, a Jewish Man (of all people) was sitting at the well of Samaria and asked this woman for a drink of water.  This woman was shocked!! Didn't he know who she was by the town gossip?  She was considered unclean.  An adulteress.  She even lived with a man that she wasn't married to even then!! But the Son of God, Jesus Christ, himself asked this woman for a drink of water and then explained to her that He was living water and that she would thirst no more. . . . you can read the story at John 4:1-40.

Anywho - Jesus told us that He is living water.  If we only drink water on Sundays and no water during the week. . . we would die. . . or be severely weak & dehydrated!  So spiritually, we must go to Jesus for living water so that our souls are healthy and renewed. . . . My walk felt like a fresh drink of cool, clear water after a hard day's work.  It was so refreshing.

Have you drank your living water today?

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Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm still here. . . .

Can you believe it!?!

I read over my last two posts and I must admit say that I'm pretty much in the same spot and yet feel completely different.  WHAT!?! Does that even make sense?

                                                 Last year in May, I blogged about . . .  

1) keeping my kiddos home for a week and how much I enjoyed having them home without the hustle and bustle and yet worried over getting the kiddos back to school . . . .

2) working on eating right & losing weight. . .still . . .

3) cleaning that darn kitchen. . .

                                                        Today here is where I am-

1) We are battling the kiddos to get back to "school" (daycare) because we have been in Colorado at my parent's place and none of us wanted to come home. . . . EVER!!

2) I am pretty much the same weight and still working on my eating and weight - in this regard I am a little sad that it's been a full year or more and I'm still at the same weight without much progress (or visible progress, I should say). . . but on the other hand - I am not giving up and will continue to keep going and will succeed because I won't give up! (and I have started crossfit and it's a KILLER!)

3) MY KITCHEN is a MESS.  Eric and I have made the decision to "GUT" our home and create a whole new kitchen.  Can we say "CRAZY!" Seriously, What were we thinking!?! Here's a little documentation.

No sink, water, nothing. . . . hoping that this wraps up quickly & beautifully.  

Anywho. . . .  just a quick post on the immediate look on the Bartlett Family. And to pretty much let you know that I'm still here and (need to be better about documenting our lives for my sweet family). 


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