Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm still here. . . .

Can you believe it!?!

I read over my last two posts and I must admit say that I'm pretty much in the same spot and yet feel completely different.  WHAT!?! Does that even make sense?

                                                 Last year in May, I blogged about . . .  

1) keeping my kiddos home for a week and how much I enjoyed having them home without the hustle and bustle and yet worried over getting the kiddos back to school . . . .

2) working on eating right & losing weight. . .still . . .

3) cleaning that darn kitchen. . .

                                                        Today here is where I am-

1) We are battling the kiddos to get back to "school" (daycare) because we have been in Colorado at my parent's place and none of us wanted to come home. . . . EVER!!

2) I am pretty much the same weight and still working on my eating and weight - in this regard I am a little sad that it's been a full year or more and I'm still at the same weight without much progress (or visible progress, I should say). . . but on the other hand - I am not giving up and will continue to keep going and will succeed because I won't give up! (and I have started crossfit and it's a KILLER!)

3) MY KITCHEN is a MESS.  Eric and I have made the decision to "GUT" our home and create a whole new kitchen.  Can we say "CRAZY!" Seriously, What were we thinking!?! Here's a little documentation.

No sink, water, nothing. . . . hoping that this wraps up quickly & beautifully.  

Anywho. . . .  just a quick post on the immediate look on the Bartlett Family. And to pretty much let you know that I'm still here and (need to be better about documenting our lives for my sweet family). 


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