Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back from Vegas. . .

Hi there! Miss me? . . . I must say that I have absolutely missed you.  In fact, I have thought about writing for quite some time, just havn't taken the time, to jump in here and do it.  You have my apologies. :-)

Well, what an adventure we just got back from. It was an extremely spontaneous trip for me (as you know I like to be a bit of a planner), but as life had it - I was surprised.  Let me unfold the scene for you.  Sarah, my fab sister, and her husband, Dr. Morgan had to go to Vegas for a conference that was a week long.  So, their ADORABLE baby girl, Gracie Beth, came to stay with all of us here in G-town (gardendale, tx).  We had her for the week and I must say we LOVED it.  She played, danced, sang and even taught Jake and I a few new songs.

But alas, our time had to come to an end and her mommy decided that she had to be with her.  So, we were going to have to take her back to Rockwall.  - but wait!  Nana (my mom) had a brilliant idea. Why don't we celebrate Nana's birthday and anniversary in Vegas and we could see Sarah and Joey and Dad could drive in and we could get the whole family together in Vegas! Eric and I were overjoyed! Of course we would love to go!!  (we arranged for my sweet mother-in-law, Yaya to watch the boys)

So, Gracie and I flew way high up in the sky.  We sang some more songs and ta-da! We were in Vegas!! Gracie loved the lights and all the people. . .and so did I. :-) As a family, we celebrated mom's birthday and dad drove in from Farmington, NM and we celebrated their anniversary too!! It was an absolute blast. . .I'll see if I can put some photos on at a later date. . . my camera broke! :-(

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