Monday, December 7, 2009

The Big Serve . . . Give Back

Hi there,

How's it going today?  Well I started my day bright and early this morning. . well, dark and foggy but you get the point.  I went to the 5:30 am Body Pump class!  I must say that I HATE getting up so early to work out but absolutely love that I already have an hour of work out in by the time most are getting up.  :-) That makes me happy.  I feel like I am already so much ahead and it's my own little secret as I drive back home to wake my boys and start getting them ready for the day.

Anyway, I am wanting to share my day that I had yesterday with you.  I participated in "The Big Serve" with the friends and families of Sewell Ford (both of my in-laws work there) and there were 7 or 8 outreach missions that we as a whole took on.  I participated in 2 of the 7 I believe.  Everyone volunteered for 1 but if you got done early or whatever, then you would go help others until each job was done. 

I was on the Team that went to the Nursing Homes and delivered poinsettias and sang Christmas Carols. We had an AWESOME time!! I definately got more out of this than I could have ever given . . . I was so blessed by this.

When we finished up at the Nursing Homes, we had some time before we were all supposed to meet back up and eat, etc. So Kaleigh (my sister in law) and I went over to the Crisis Center - a home that takes in women and children. . . like wives or mothers that run away from their husbands that beat them and leave in the middle of the night with NOTHING.  We sorted the donations . . . They really need help.  So if you are able and in the West Texas Area - donate your time and energy to the Crisis Center.  Wow.  Talk about BLESSED.

Anyway - I gotta get to work and I truly apologize for the jerky way this post is because I'm at work and continue to be interrupted.  Next time I will try to be much smoother.

Love to you,
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Let it Snow!!

Wow! First, I want to take a quick moment and say that I have thought about posting at random times, like at midnight feedings, driving to town for various errands, etc but actually getting here and doing it has been another story altogether. . . but I've thought about it (goofy grin) does that count?!?

Well - Life has fast and furiously RACED by and now Jake is 18 months and Jaxson is 7 months!  Can you believe it!?! Me either!! hahhahaha It's been a lot of fun with tons of spit up, dirty diapers and a sleepy mommy folding lots of laundry after work and then jumping down in the floor and playing with my two sweet, happy, smiley little boys.  :-) They are soooo much fun!! They smile and laugh or make "boy" noises ALL THE TIME! It's so funny! and what's even funnier is that when Jake makes noises (can you tell he's exploring noises and crashes and. . . (whisper) farting!) He laughs so hard.  One of those belly laughs that you can't help but laugh too even though I try so hard to keep a stern face and give him that "stern, bored motherly" look but I haven't quite mastered that.  hahaha.

Oh! and. . .Jaxson is crawling!! Can you believe it?!?  I was SO not ready for two little mobile grub monsters!! They make such a mess! AARRRHHH. (owell!) Jaxson has started crawling WAY earlier than Jake did. . .Jake didn't crawl until the week of Christmas last year, but my Jaxson started seriously crawling last week.  He's been working at it for awhile and doing what I call the "inch worm" and rolling to whereever he has wanted to go, but it's official! He is seriously crawling.  Yikes! :-) (I'm not a proud mommy at all!)

Ummm. . . Eric and I have lost our ever-loving minds and have stepped out in Faith and have opened our own store, The Brand - in Midland.  I know, I know, I know - we are nuts! But, truly it has been lots of fun and lots of worry!! :-) Please keep that little. . . who am I kidding. . . that freakin' HUGE endeavor in your prayers.  For a worry wart like myself. . .I find myself in prayer A LOT! (and when you read "alot" I said it like on dumb and dumber. . . Wide mouthed seriousness of ALOT!) hahaha sorry, I'm so silly but that just helps me emphasize what I'm wanting to get across. hahahaha

See, The Brand is already a blessing. . . God and I are pretty close these days with all the talking and just random visits that I drop in on him.  I thought I was a pretty strong prayer warrior before but now that I've had babies and have opened our own business, sheesh, I pray my old self under the table now! You can go see some pictures from The Brand on my facebook page or on my husband, Eric Bartlett's page.

Honestly - that's all that's going on.  Work, My Boys, and The Brand. . there's not much time for anything else.  Ohhhhh - Jake started "school" or "educational day care" this week and I think it's been harder on me than it has been on him!  The first day. . ugh.  Second day. . he wanted to stay and play but he didn't want me to leave. . the third and fourth day . . BYE! hehehe My little stinker!

I hear Mr. Jaxson in there about to let me know that he's ready to eat so I gotta run for now but I will jump back on later and post some pictures!

I love you all!
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jaxson Evan Bartlett is HERE!

This is an e-mail that I sent to a friend and I'm hoping she doesn't mind that I go ahead and post it here to save time. I am learning with two kiddos - there's just not much of it. So, for now, please forgive me for the "repeat" and I'm sure I will have more to talk about later with two sweet blessings that keep me busy! - Also, if anyone has any motherly advice, I'm all ears!!

How are you!?! I'm so glad you e-mailed me because I wanted to tell you that I had our second little blessing, Jaxson Evan Bartlett, May 7th. He was 7lbs. 2oz. and 18 inches long. My mom has the camera with all the pictures on it but I will be getting it back from her today. :-)

Let me tell you, having two kiddos is much more different than having one. I am a much more relaxed mom but at the same time, I'm worried that I'm not giving Jake the attention that he needs or really what he's used to, I guess. I am breastfeeding so it takes a lot of time but it's so enjoyable and so - for lack of a better word - "bonding". I had no idea! - Of course, there's also a flip side to that coin with the fact that sometimes I'm needed for something or Eric is wanting help or whatever and everyone just has to wait. I have to remind myself to slow down and not to be frustrated by the slower schedule.

I had my first outing with the boys yesterday and I must say that we attracted a lot of attention. Of course, anyone with a brand new baby does but with a second baby (or a almost 1 yr old) it causes quite a "grandma stir". We had sweet ladies from miles around coming to touch, poke, prod, smile, and grin at Jake and Jaxson. I swear it's like women that are in "grandma-mode" have a radar that senses children within a 20 mile radius. hahaha!

We went to Academy and bought Eric a few work shirts and some summer shorts and then went to Mardel (a Christian book/gift store) and I had names imprinted on the boys scrapbooks that I'm working on. (or intend to work on) It really did go quite well. I had my new double stroller out and I did it. I must say it did take a rather long time to load and then unload after that shopping but, . . . what do ya do? You just do it the best way you know how.

Anyway, it's time for a feeding and Jax is getting fussy so I will type "talk" more later.
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kissing Cousins

Jake and Gracie - (They have switched - She has his pacifier and he has her cup!) Aren't they cute? Jake is 9 months and Gracie is 21 months.
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Late Valentines!!

Hi there!

Happy Valentines!! (I know a little late but worth it).

My hubby is so wonderful! Let me explain . . .

For Christmas, Eric bought me a new, SILVER wedding ring with a diamond band to go with it. I have been wanting a silver wedding ring secretly for a long time but I didn't want to voice it aloud too much because I really do love my original gold wedding ring, epsecially for sentimental reasons. Eric and I (really eric) picked out my original wedding ring as gold because gold is timeless however, all I wear is silver, except for my wedding ring. . . . How do you tell your husband, "Honey, I love the ring but I really don't wear gold." It's just not something I was willing to do or say because it would absolutely hurt his feelings . . . so. . . .

Christmas came around and lo and behold, seriously with no comments from me - Eric surprised me with a new silver wedding ring and band. I was completely speechless!! I was floored! I couldn't believe that Eric really knew that I wanted a silver wedding ring. (and not only knew about it but actually did something about it!!)

Well - for Valentines Eric gets up with Jake at 6 a.m. and let's me sleep in! I can't even remember the last time I've slept in!!! This alone made my day. Then I finally get up at 9:30am and Eric has made french toast and sausage with orange juice for breakfast. yum.

THEN, there is a basket that eric and jake jointly present to me, It has chocolate covered strawberries and a card. There is also Valentine cakes (one of my favorite things right now!) they are like zebra cakes - and a large Scrap Book page that was so cleverly designed! I was completely surprised that Eric did it all by himself!!

The page goes into detail and explanation that he bought me the silver wedding ring for Christmas to symbolize the two of us and the first diamond band to signify Jake and for Valentines he was presenting me with a second diamond band to signify our little expected blessing due - June 2nd. So - I got my wish - a SILVER diamond ring with matchind diamond bands on either side - Eric went into detail about how he wants my ring to signify our family and the love that we all share. . . . it was so sentimental and beautiful. :-) Isn't that sweet?

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tag- 25 Random Things about ME!

I have been nagged and tagged!!

Actually, Sarah has nagged me about posting to my blog and has tagged me to do a post of "25 Random Things about me. . . that the average Joe Blow wouldn't know" . . . hmmm
Here goes:
1. I secretly wish I were much more comfortable being outgoing! It's hard for me to just break out of my shell and just go for it. . . I have my moments, especially as I've gotten older that I've done this but I still have to force myself sometimes.
2. I HATE putting away laundry. I don't mind doing it or folding it or whatever but I really hate putting it away. . . why is that? Is it really laziness? I don't think of myself as lazy and actually like having everything in its place. . . weird!
3. I am scared that having this second baby will erase my freedom completely. When I had Jake I had to pray past the fact that I didn't have the same freedoms that you take for granted pre-kids. Example - Not sleeping in! For some people this no big deal but I LOVE to sleep in and I haven't really slept in our through the entire night since May 20th!
4. I feel guilty for #3.
5. Sending me flowers is a nice thing but really . . . . not a big deal to me like it is for some women. Don't get me wrong! I love to get flowers but I would much rather spend time together or do a chore for me or something like that - they say time is money but for me - time is love.
6. I hate clutter, but even I can't avoid it!
7. I love it when the a/c is turned down but you are all warm and cozy in bed with a heavy quilt. Good stuff.
8. I have to have a little something for breakfast! I love poptarts.
9. My favorite breakfast is fried eggs, over easy with a side of toast to sop up all that yellow goodness.
10. I really do miss playing softball. It was something that I was good at and felt food about.
11. I don't like working out really but I don't want to be heavy. and seriously, food is tasty.
12. God is a big deal to me. prayer is a big deal. I try to pray and talk to God continuously - even if it doesn't seem like it . . I talk to God in my head constantly. Sometimes I'm sorry for what I say . . or think. . . but, I'm real to him and I think that is why he gets real with me.
13. My wedding day truly was one of the best days of my life. I felt beautiful and really did have a wonderful day.
14. On our honeymoon, I really did think, . . . is this it? I was really bored! Eric isn't near as adventurous as I am. We went to Cancun and I wanted to do a lot of excursions and then play at the pool and I talked to a lot of people - it's easy to be outgoing on vacation! Eric got sick and we really didn't do much of anything. . . not even the "honeymoon thing". I was bored. - But I loved the scuba diving!!
15. I HATE that I get homesick. Honestly, there isn't anything more that I hate about myself than the way and fact that I get homesick - I disgust myself.
16. I really enjoy playing golf - it's one of my vents.
17. I hate my cell phone. . . actually it's a love/hate kinda thing. I love having it but I really do hate talking on the phone. seriously.
18. Money is always something I will worry about. It doesn't matter how much money we make or how much we have - I always worry. I'm a worry wart. Even when we really have nothing to worry about. . . I still do - it drives Eric crazy.
19. I love going to the lake. It's one of those things that we didn't do as a kid at all, ever and since I've been with Eric - we've been to the lake a couple times and I love it. I really like the care free attitude and the fun on the water and even though I'm in a swim suit - I can usually forget about my own cellulite issues when we are having fun.
20. I love getting to Jake first in the morning because he's always so happy to see me and I love to just get on the floor and play with him - being a mom is the very best thing that has ever happened to me.
21. Being a mom has made me realize how fragile life is. My deepest fear is that something will happen to my boys. My greatest and deepest fear is living without them.
22. My family truly is my support team. You grow up and aren't always nice to them, especially sisters - but they end up being your best friends.
23. I love it when I've done something for Eric that he's happy or excited about. It truly makes me feel good.
24. I still like to see my parents be affectionate to one another. I know that most kids hate seeing their parents kiss or whatever but if they are kissing then they aren't fighting.
25. I love to work. It makes me feel accomplished and important.
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TAG Posting from Sarah - "The 4th's Tag"

Okay, now - my sister, Sarah - the "fun" of my life. . (get it. . . rediculous but truth!)

She's not the light or love of my life because those are saved for Jake and Eric but she is definately the "fun" of my life - she always makes me laugh. She helps me not to take life so seriously and helps me forget myself for awhile and just have fun.)

Anyway - Sarah has tagged me - she has challenged me to go to my picture folder - find my fourth file and then post the fourth picture. So. . . drum roll please: . . . . . .

This gorgeous picture is of Jake at 3 months - this picture is a cute because he had just eaten and his little belly was sticking out. :-) hmmm - My sweet little button! Isn't he cute? I know mommas say that about their babies and of course, I feel no differently. :-)

Okay - that's the first tag. Now onto the next post for Sarah's next challenge.

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