Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Takin' on Tuesday

Whew!! What a day, right!?!  It has been a long day for me.

Some accomplishments that I did get done today:

1) Work out - it was hard! but felt sooooo good. (glad it's done!)

2) I ate GOOD today! I am so proud of myself.  For some this may be no big deal to you but to me, it's huge.  I have a REALLY bad habit of starting the day off well and then ending it terrible calorie-wise.  Not today, sugar face! I rock my 1200 calories and that was all.  (taking a bow) thank you, thank you, thank you.

3) Work - Is it me or is work just crazy booming?  Which is AWESOME but keeps me flying around by the seat of my pants to get things signed, paid, take payment, invoice, payroll. . it goes on and on.  I'm praising the Lord for it! We need it!!

4) I drank all my water today. . . I got in half of my weight in ounces down!! That's ALOT!

5) I did my American duty - I voted and I'll tell you later how things come out but for now, I'm a proud American.

6) I told my husband and my children that I love them today.  (I strive to do that everyday, but I don't want it to fall through the cracks, ya know?)

How's your day going?

I am starting back on my weight loss journey and have decided I should blog more. . . I have missed going back and reading and decided to write here.

I'm scared to tell you of fear of judgement but I'm going to just blurt it out and cover my eyes. . . .I weigh . . . Lord, help me overcome my fear and help my friends keep their judgments to their selves.

I weighed 197 today.  (take deep breaths and tears fall down my face)

I ride such a crappy roller coaster on my weight and I have decided I will take control day by day.  But I feel overwhelmed looking at the long haul.  So I'm setting a 10 lb. goal.  Please join me in prayer!! Pray that I make healthy, good meal choices and keep my butt moving!!

I don't feel like I look that heavy but when I see myself in the mirror or pictures, I am surprised.  I am much thinner in my head.

So I have put my junk in the light - there ya have it.  God can bring beauty from ashes and I'm beautiful - that I do know.  I am beautiful in His sight, even with my curves and cellulite but I want to be healthy and honorable to myself and my body - this temple and shell He has given to me.

So let's get this party started!! Day 1 - done!

(please be kind - I'm more tender hearted than I look)

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HollyAnn said...

You go girl!!!! I coul have written this post on my blog because I share your same thoughts/self image but my number is MUCH higher than yours! :( will be praying for you and looking for blog posts! ;)

Holly Bartlett said...

Thank HollyAnn!! I am so blessed by your friendship and encouragement. Let's do this together!!

Natalie Branecky said...

You are beautiful inside and out. Don't let a number control you. Stick to eating healthy and watching how your clothes fit. Focus on being happy and loving your babies, which I know you do, and don't let losing weight control every thought. I say this to you as much as to myself. I think after having children, we are so critical of our bodies. We compare ourselves to others. We can't do that. We will never be happy. There will always be someone who weighs less than you do. There will always be someone who weighs more. Get to a good spot for you. Not anyone else. Good luck, sweetie! Don't cry!!

Casey Davison said...

Girl... You just take a deep breath. You sound exactly like I felt about 2 years ago.... I was at my wits end.
Until I found a good dr. And had some major blood work done I was fighting a losing battle. Little did I know that everything I was doing was just setting me back further and further. I encourage you to find a dr that will hear your concerns.... And help you understand.
2 years ago I was convinced I had ADD and was losing my mind. I had no idea that my adrenal system was so bogged down it was shutting down.
I was doing weight watchers exercising..... Nothing helped. Then come to find out I was insulin resistant and. Arbs were killing me. Thyroid was the lowest score she'd seen in her time as a dr. I was jacked up!!! I knew I felt bad..... But really didn't know how bad I felt. Because I'm a working mom of 2 you just do what you have to do regardless of how you feel.... Once I felt good, I was shocked.
Now I had 3 drs that laughed at me or just told me that I'd feel better if I lost weight. Or just gave me pills. Finally found a wonderful dr.

Don't get me who g... It's still s struggle. I'm up a little and fighting it every day. I know I'm not eating right, I'm a stress eater though and these last few months are doing me in!! So after this weekend when I get to enjoy a few of my favorite food items.... Rosas, taco villa! I'll get back on the horse, but I am just gonna enjoy these next few days and not feel guilty!

Don't hang on the number though..... Hang on how you feel!!!

Love you just the way you are...... But I do feel your pain...... I know exactly where you are coming from.
Hang in there and I'll see you Friday!