Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A New Day

Hi guys!! Wow - it seems like I haven't been here in a while. . .and really I haven't.  I just reread my last post and it made me smile with such sweet joy. Oh that was such a bittersweet time.  It was a hard time with an almost 1 yr and 2 yr olds  and toddler attitudes but it was also so sweet because there is nothing sweeter than sloppy kisses and your toddler barreling at you as fast as he can with his arms outstretched towards you. . . hmmm good times. 

So - now Jake is 3 and Jaxson is 2! All I can say is. . . it was the best of times, it was the worst of times! HA!!  I love how indepedent they are becoming and how much they WANT to be independent but also very much needing us. 

Jake (3yr)  ready to go fishing with his Daddy!
Jake is a momma's boy! Jaxson is a daddy's boy! That has never been more apparent as it is right now in this season of our lives!! Thankfully Jake is potty trained and pretty independent. He is adventurous and LOVES being outside.  The only thing that can be frustrating about him is he can be whiney!! It drive Eric bonkers!! I will sometimes have to intercept him so that his daddy doesn't go nuts on him about his whining but for the most part - great kid!  He is very determined, head strong and likes to have it his way - I wonder where he gets any of these qualities from!?!

       Jaxson (2 yr) playing in the car!

Jaxson - my sweet lovebug - He is now 2 and is following in his brother's footsteps. He very much wants to be a big boy like Jake.  We haven't potty trained yet (at this very second, I'm summoning the umph to do this potty training ordeal again, it was super easy with Jake after a couple of days but the thought of cleaning soiled superman underwear  again just doesn't sound like fun - but on the other hand, I will be so grateful when it's done!!)  Anyway, Jaxson is a bit more laid back, relaxed and pretty much goes along with most everything Jake wants or says to do.  But Eric and I are starting to glimpse a little master mind at work.  He's so much more sly than Jake and it's funny to see him work a situation, even Jake, to his advantage.  - Whoever said kids aren't smart. . . . yikes!

The boys are very much into swimming, jumping on the trampolene and sliding!! They love the park or indoor playgrounds, it's so funny to watch them interact with one another and other kids as they play!!  - Sweet boys (for the most part)

Eric and I are doing well. (for the most part)  Eric is going through a season of transition and it's taking a toll on him which of course has an effect on our marriage.  He decided to close The Brand down after some deliberation and prayer and now is looking for a job.  Right now he is doing some investigating work on the side for a Company in Midland.  He would really like to stay with them but for now, they don't have a position open.  - So we will see - Praying that the Lord will guide Eric to where he needs to be.

I am doing pretty good.  I am still working at PPT and have also gotten involved with Women's Bible Study group that I LOVE.  I so enjoy diving into the Word that is God breathed and also LOVE the comradre and fellowship of such sweet women.  I have met several new friends through this study and look forward to continuing. 

In fact since I last blogged or maybe shortly before my last blog, Eric and I have joined a church home, joined a life group (couples bible study group) and started teaching Sunday school to the 4 year olds.  It's been life changing for the BEST!  By no means are we perfect or is life easy but it sure makes a much better difference with the love of Jesus!!

Since I'm posting all the good stuff - I might as well tell ya what I am struggling with so you know that I'm not just candy coating to make my life sound so great or something.  So. . . I am really struggling with my weight.  sigh . Much like most women, it is an issue that I loathe, in fact I don't even wanna talk about it right now. BUT - today, I got my butt up and went an swam at the gym this morning before work.  I know it's only the first day, but I did it and for today - I feel good about it.  I have two sweet friends that will be meeting me at the gym tomorrow morning to swim a few laps and we will see how things go.  Also - I ordered the book - "Made to Crave" so I'll let ya know how that goes.

I gotta get to work but you got the basics! Love ya!

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